3 doors down

New 3 Doors Down Album Tuesday [AUDIO][VIDEO]
It's been a 3 year wait for 3 Doors Down fans, but Brad Arnold and the guys are ready to release a new album tomorrow called Time Of My Life.  Brad told MTV that he and the guys had a great time making the album.
New 3 Doors Down Due Out in July [AUDIO][VIDEO]
3 Doors Down fans can celebrate! You'll get the chance to hear the band’s new album this summer! The band just announced that their record, Time of My Life, is set to come out on July 19th and singer Brad Arnold told MTV that they had a great time making it. More after the jump…
3 Doors Down Premiere New Video
I really like 3 Doors Down and Brad and the guys are getting ready to release a new album later this spring called Time Of My Life.
This past Friday they premiered the video for the first single "When You're Young" on AOL. Check it out and let me know what you think about it..…
3 Doors Down Are Back
3 Doors Down released their last album (which was self titled) back in 2008.  Now Brad Arnold and the band are back with a new album titled Time Of My Life, which is slated to be out mid-April.
Brad tells Billboard.com, "I can compare this record a lot to our first record.  Only mu…