Adele Passes on Seven-Figure Memoir Offer
Perhaps because Adele keeps her personal life so private it would be a surprise to no one that a memoir penned by the songstress would make big bucks. Unfortunately for fans, Adele turned down a seven-figure book deal from Harper Collins because she's too young to write a memoir... just yet.
Adele Tops British List of Top Sexy Time Songs
The Brits may not have a reputation as romantic as that of the French or Italians in Europe, and their choice of lovemaking music may have something to do with that. A recent survey showed that Adele nabbed the top spot for songs most British couples get busy to -- and it wasn't a romantic tune…
Is A Secret Wedding In The Works For Adele?
Adele leads a very private life, in fact so private that she hasn't even revealed the name of her son who was born last year! So do you think she's going to reveal the details of an impending wedding? No! But a source will tell what they know to Us Weekly though!

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