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Lucky Larry’s Trip To The Amusement Park
Spring break is about to wind down for a lot of East Texans just as the temperatures rebound to more of a spring like feel so getting outdoors and doing something is a bit more tolerable. That was the case for my family yesterday afternoon as I received a call from my wife to meet them at Fire Mount…
Amusement Park Visitors Get Stranded for Hours
What’s not to love about a California amusement park called Knott’s Berry Farms? With such a magical-sounding name, we can’t imagine things could ever go awry. But then again, we’re sucked in by almost anything even remotely charming.
10 Amusement Park Rides We Wish Existed — The Funnies
One of the best parts of summer is heading to an amusement park. You’ve been to a few amusement parks in your day and been on the same rides over and over again. It can get old after awhile and you wish someone would come up with ideas to spice up these boring rides.
Terrified Amusement Park Dad Speaks Out on ‘Today’
Climbing aboard a scary amusement park ride when you’re afraid of heights — like this dad did — takes guts. But appearing on ‘Today’ and explaining your sobbing, terrified reaction? That takes more courage than we can even imagine.
Things to Do During Summer Break in East Texas

With the end of school just two weeks away, what's there to do for summer fun in East Texas? Plenty! You do anything - from cooling off in the water to hanging from the tops of trees to hanging out with the big animals.