What If Animals Were Round? [VIDEO]
It's Hump Day, if you need a little something to make you laugh to get you through the rest of the day and the week, then I've got the perfect video for you to watch and steal a little bit of the company time too while you're at it!
12 Animals Hugging It Out
There are certain times when we just need a hug. You know-- when we thought Twinkies were going extinct or after the 'Game of Thrones' 'Red Wedding' episode, AKA hard-hitting stuff.
12 Pairs of Animal Best Friends
We don't know what the weather's like where you are, but it is a chilly, grey, rainy Monday here, so we need this. In fact, even if it's totally gorgeous where you are, these pictures and GIFs of animal best buds is probably worth a look. First of all, they're really cute. Second…
10 Animals You Will Love
It seems that there has been a drastic increase the the obsessions that people have with animals lately. Have you given into the animal craze too?
Do East Texans Sleep With Their Pets? [POLL]
When it comes to our pets, 9 out of 10 of us consider them a part of the family and in some cases, some East Texans consider their pets more "family" than actual family members!  The bond is so strong with these animals that 67% of pet owners allow their pets in bed with them …
Panda Cuteness By The Dozen [VIDEO]
Is there anything more precious then Panda Bears? Well, baby Pandas of course! On CBS Nightly News last night I just happened to catch this footage and thought I would share this “cuteness” with you.
Critter of the Week – Horses
Our Critter of the Week is the horse. Man has always had a very close relationship with this strong and sturdy member of the animal kingdom. Before the car was invented man relied on the horse for almost everything. Now in days, the horse has a pretty relaxed life in the United States at least an…

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