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Is Avril Lavigne Pregnant?
Everyone was shocked by the quickie engagement of Nickelback singer Chad Kroeger and Avril Lavigne, and now we may have a reason why they're moving so fast: Photos are making a few tongues wag about a possible pregnancy. You say "shotgun," we say "wedding!"
Avril Lavigne Engaged to Chad Kroeger of Nickelback
I don't follow Avril Lavigne nor do I know who's she's dating, but as I recall the last I heard something about her and who she was dating was Brody Jenner.  Well that's apparently off and has been for some time now because People magazine is reporting that she is now engage…
Avril Lavigne Defends Skrillex Hair
Avril Lavigne recently debuted a new, partially-shaved haircut, which had fans wondering if EDM star Skrillex inspired the new ‘do. Now the pop star is taking to Twitter to defend her latest style choice.
Avril Lavigne Has Black Bangs
Avril Lavigne‘s sleek, stick straight, shiny locks are her crowning glory. But for some reason, she either dyed her bangs black or added clip-on fringe, a stark and not exactly complimentary contrast to her golden hue.

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