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Back To School: The Magic Of Marching Band
Confession, I was a band nerd. In fact, I was president of the band nerds my senior year and proud of it. So, when a friend recently posted link on Facebook, Why Your Teen Should Join Marching Band, I felt a desire to add to it.
Throwback Thursday: Last, Firsts [VIDEO]
Earlier this week, I was reading Lucky Larry's story about his daughter's first day of school. Like Lucky, it's a bit of a stretch for me to remember my first day, but I do remember my last, first day of school.
New School Upgrades Unveiled in Palestine
Now that we've taken full advantage of the tax free shopping weekend and we're stocked up on clothes, notebooks, and pens, the attention turns to the actual start of school.
When students in Palestine had back to class, they'll be enjoying brand spanking new facilities that were three …
Are Tax Free Savings in East Texas Really Worth It? [POLL]
Today through Sunday, East Texans will be saving the tax on many tax exempt items as they do their back to school shopping.  The crowds at the mall and area shopping centers are very reminiscent of black Friday sales right after Thanksgiving.  Broadway in Tyler and McCann and the Loop in L…
Best Places to Get College Books for Less
As a college student, I know how difficult it is to pay for college. Not only do you have to pay tuition, but you have to pay for everything that comes along with it, like books. College books can be ridiculously expensive if you go through the school book store. I started doing some research to see…
Back To School Shopping Tips For East Texans
This weekend you could potentially save a lot of money in taxes because this weekend is Texas State Sales Tax Holiday.  As you head out thinking you could be saving a lot of money thanks to not paying taxes, you could end up buying quite a few things you wouldn't normally buy or not even n…
Robert E. Lee’s Red Raider Band Prepares for Annual Parade
The start of a new school year is just days away and with that bring the return of high school sports and activities.  Right now across East Texas many football programs are on the field practicing their plays that will hopefully take them to the state championship.  As the football teams prepare, s…

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