Like Grumpy Cat? You’ll Fall in Love with Henri [VIDEO]
If you love cats, or just cat videos on the internet then you may have stumbled across this award-winning video already, but I just found it this week. Henri 2, Paw de Deaux filmed by Will Braden is a winner for the Golden Kitty Award, the People's Choice prize of the Internet Cat Video Festiva…
Cat Vs. Banana Peel – Guess Who Wins [VIDEO]
By nature cats are very inquisitive and cat owners definitely know this. They will get into just about anything and when something new or strange is introduced into their world they'll (most of the time) investigate it. In the case of the cat in the video, it was a banana peel sitting on a table tha…
Do East Texans Sleep With Their Pets? [POLL]
When it comes to our pets, 9 out of 10 of us consider them a part of the family and in some cases, some East Texans consider their pets more "family" than actual family members!  The bond is so strong with these animals that 67% of pet owners allow their pets in bed with them …
Adorably Depressed Cat Sings the Blues
If it’s true that one must suffer in order to sing the blues, then this cat must have been put through the wringer. Poor kitty! He’s been down so long, it’s starting to look like up.

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