Study Shows TV Can Hinder the Development of Children Under 2
Pediatricians and development experts have strongly urged parents, once again, to limit the amount of television their young children watch.
The American Academy of Pediatrics released a recommendation to all parents of children under 2 years old Tuesday. It stressed that any time spent in front of a…
We Want To Know Your Best Knock Knock Joke
May is National Smile Month -- to celebrate I had everyone do a "Knock Knock" joke for you!
You remember the jokes as a kid or play them with your child.  The standard format has five lines:
The joke-ster: Knock, knock!
The recipient: Who's there?
The joke-ster: A response, sometimes involving…
Big Kid and Little Kid Show Off Amazing Dance Moves [VIDEO]
One of the downsides to YouTube is that it provides a steady stream of stark evidence that you are not a very good dancer.
The latest set of humbling dance moves comes from what we believe to be two brothers, one big and one small.
As you can see, the smaller of the duo can match any move the bigger f…
Is Bullying Really a Part of Childhood?
In a special announcement of Facebook -- Michelle Obama and President Obama set the stage for an online summit "Bullying Prevention" -- starting March 10, 2011.
Calling to action all parents, coaches, teachers and students to step forward and become the solution. You can participa…