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Rihanna Says Chris Brown Was ‘The Love of My Life’ [VIDEO]
Rihanna has always been very quiet when it comes to her relationship with former boyfriend Chris Brown. The two have never really left the media spotlight after news broke of Browns 2009 violent altercation against Rihanna. Rumors about their relationship in the past years since the altercation have…
Chris Brown Ordered Back to Court Over Battery Charges
There’s some more legal drama for Chris Brown, which is pretty common for the singer these days. During a routine probation progress report over the singer’s battery conviction for assaulting former girlfriend Rihanna (or secret and current GF, if you believe the gossip), the judge decided that Bre…
Chris Brown + Rihanna Refuel Reconciliation Rumors
Hot on the heels of potential rehab, rumors are back about Rihanna reuniting with Chris Brown. The New York Post apparently has eyes everywhere around the controversial former couple, with spies catching them at the same nightclub as well as partying with RiRi’s family.

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