What’s the Real Story Behind the Popular Soft Drink Coca-Cola?
Nothing could be more American than sitting down with your friends, in a restaurant or during the big game, and enjoying a great big glass of Coca-Cola, right? Coca-Cola means Santa Claus, family outings and summertime fun… in other words, pure Americana.
So, what does Coca-Cola have to do wit…
5 Great Super Bowl Ads According To Lucky Larry [VIDEO]
There are few TV shows that pull in the number of viewers that the Super Bowl does and that's why advertisers are willing to spend millions of dollars on ads during the Super Bowl.  These ads are full of big name stars, heritage brands and entertainment.  Several
Best Super Bowl Ads Ever – According To Lucky Larry
Not only are the two teams on the grid iron trying to out do each other to win the Vince Lombardi trophy on Sunday, but advertisers try to out do each other with their over the top and sometimes sentimental ads to get your attention and dollars

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