It’s About to Get Cold in Tyler
Today will be a warm day, but don’t expect it to last.
If you’re the type that crawls out of bed in the morning and walks out to the driveway to pick up the newspaper in your pj’s, you’ll get a blast of cold air on Friday morning. You might want to grab a blankey!
A few cool fronts have passed through…
10 Foods to Help You Survive Cold Season
Chicken soup has long been a comfort for those feeling under the weather, but it isn’t the only dish known for its feel good factor. We’ve rounded up ten foods with true immunity-boosting powers that will keep you well all through the winter
Snow, Sleet & Cold Coming To East Texas
Sunday we have a cold weather front coming through East Texas.  This storm is going to bring a possibility of up to 5 inches in snow in some areas.  The worst of the storm is to be north and along I-20 Interstate.  Tyler area is not expected to get more than 1 -3 inches of snow in areas.  If you hav…