Jen Has Another Weird Tinder Date
So, you swipe right on Tinder and the next thing you know that guy is trimming your trees! I think you can safely say you've never had a social media date like this one. Here's what happened.
Questions That Can Lead to Love + Finding Your True Love
Dating can be a terrifying event for many people. How you conduct yourself on the first date says a lot about you and often times many people are too shy and timid to open up in fear of saying the wrong thing. This can also be true of first-time encounters with anyone.
How to be the Best Third Wheel Ever
Life is full of awkward encounters, one of the most awkward is probably third-wheeling on dates with your friends. But this guy knows how to do it right, we should probably all take a little of his advice.
Online Dating, Speed Dating — Now Instant Dating [VIDEO]
Dating is one of the most difficult things in life. It can begin by meeting people the old fashioned way and slowly getting to know the other person, or you can go through online dating or the speed dating thing or now, you can just jump right into it with a new trend called instant dating!

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