Magic Tricks For Dogs [VIDEO]
Though dogs are man's best friend, they are not the smartest of creatures all of the time. They can easily be tricked. Fooling your dog with some "magic tricks" is hilarious and quick simple. Watch as this man gives us a how-to on some magic tricks for your dog.
Dog Startled By Its Own Farts [VIDEO]
I know they say that you are suppose to stop thinking farts are funny after you leave the 3rd grade, but they just keep staying hilarious. Particularly in this video. You will have trouble holding in laughs and trying to be an "adult" while you watch this little pup get startled by…
Journal Entries Into The Sad Dog Diary [VIDEO]
Every day thousands of East Texas dogs are left home alone while their owners are away at work. Some are locked up in bathrooms, others the garage while others have free reign of the home and others are left to the comfort of the great outdoors. But the question is what are these dogs thinking and h…
Meet Cody the Screaming Dog [VIDEO + POLL]
During Superbowl XLVII the nation was doubled over in laughter with the Doritos commercial of the screaming goat. In the world of radio and television, the soundbite was quickly edited and dropped in at every opportunity to get in on the action. Now meet Cody the newest member of screaming mammals.

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