Four Things You Shouldn’t Post On Your Facebook Wall
When something exciting or bad happens to us, or we snap a cute pic, or watch a pretty funny video we're pretty quick to post it up on our Facebook wall for our friends to see. We're living in a society where we share a ton of information with our family, friends, acquaintances and sometimes even st…
At Least 20 Things Facebook Knows About You Personally
We've done it so many times now that it's become habit, part of our everyday routine - updating our Facebook page. We share with our close friends (and not so close friends much of the time) with the intimate intricacies of our lives through update statuses.
Kidd Kraddick in the Morning Cast Look Back Videos [VIDEOS/POLL]
When Facebook turned 10 years old last week, they released a new feature that would create a minute long video for a look back during the time you've been on the social networking site. With that, the morning show created their own look back videos for each other and they need your help to figu…
An Honest Facebook Movie [VIDEO]
When Facebook turned 10 yesterday, they created a way for their friends to take a minute to look back at their life according to their news feed. Tripp and Tyler present their own humorous perspective on the Facebook Movie.

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