The 5 Most Annoying Reactions to the ‘Breaking Bad’ Finale
You may be annoyed with some of the things your friends are posting on Facebook and Twitter about the 'Breaking Bad' finale. We are too, and thus decided to offer up a list of some of the most irritating reactions people are having towards the finale of (un)arguably the greatest show of al…
Facebook Adds Shared Photo Albums
Have you ever been to an event with several friends, and you all wanted to upload the photos to one place on Facebook, but you couldn't? Now, you can. Facebook the current king of social networks has rolled out it's newest feature, shared photo albums.
Who Does Facebook Think You Are?
Almost the entire world is on Facebook. All of these people logging on makes Facebook a great place to advertise. They try to find ads just for you. So, what do the ads Facebook picks for you say about who they think you are?
Facebook Reveals All-New News Feed
In its biggest design change since unveiling the Timeline in 2011, Facebook announced and unveiled a radically redesigned News Feed today during a special press event. But how will users respond?

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