Is Facebook Ruining Marriages?
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg recently got married — but ironically, he may want to keep his new wife off the social media site he founded. A new survey shows divorce cases mentioning Facebook are on the rise.
Fake Facebook Suicide Gets Teen Suspended! [VIDEO]
Looks like Facebook strikes yet again! This time for a teenager who thought it would be amusing to fake her suicide for her entire social media peers to see. On the Facebook page, a 12 year old girl suffered from the loss of her mother, abuse from her father, bullied by her peers, then commits suici…
School Forces Students to Delete Facebook Pages
Schools these days seem to have no compunctions about policing students’ use of social media. An Indiana teenager was recently expelled for swearing in a tweet, and now a Brooklyn, New York school is forcing its charges to delete their Facebook accounts — or face expulsion them…
Madonna to Chat With Jimmy Fallon Live on Facebook
Got plans on Saturday, March 24 at 6PM ET? Well now you do! Madonna will sit down for an exclusive interview with late night talk show host and comedian Jimmy Fallon, which will be livestreamed on the Material Girl’s Facebook page. We love how Madge is embracing the digital age. She’s so modern, ain…

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