Why Geese Fly in a ‘V’ Formation
There are a lot of unanswered questions in the world, one of which is why geese and other migrating birds fly in a 'v' formation. And come to think of it, I've never even questioned why they do until right now. Good thing I did some research to share with everyone!
Fewer Will Fly for Thanksgiving, But Planes Will Be Jam Packed
If you’re planning to travel for the Thanksgiving holiday, be prepared to have trouble finding open seats, pay a premium when you do and fly on a packed plane. Industry insiders say that, because of high costs and lower bookings, airlines have had to increase ticket prices and reduce…
Use This Handy Trick to Battle Rude, Reclining Airplane Passengers
Washington Post columnist Gene Weingarten knows that flying is uncomfortable enough (strict carry-on rules, awkward TSA patdowns) without a rude invasion of space by your fellow passengers. Cramped quarters on most airplanes make it downright inhumane to recline your seat, minimizing the already-mea…