fourth of july

July 4th Fireworks In + Near Tyler
There's nothing like celebrating the Fourth of July than with a great fireworks show. And thankfully we've had some great (and rainy!) weather this year in Tyler and East Texas, so that means fireworks will be blowing up all over the area this weekend.
Fourth of July at Forever Farm
One thing you should know about me is that I am pretty much a girl raised in the suburbs. I'm not crazy about critters in the wild. I love my two cats dearly, but other varmints - not so much -  especially snakes. I am not a fan, at all - I don't even visit the reptile exhibit at Cald…
Fireworks at the Fishery in Athens
The Fourth of July is just a little over two weeks away! The day will be filled with burgers, friends, family, snack food, time on the lake and fireworks! Kids of all ages love a great fireworks show and one of the biggest fireworks shows in East Texas will be happening at the Texas Freshwater Fishe…

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