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Girl Scout Cookies Are Here! Where to Get ‘Em in Tyler This Weekend
Raise your hand if you can polish off an entire sleeve of Thin Mints in one sitting.  Or if you tend to suck on the Tagalongs until the cookie part melts in your mouth and mixes perfectly with the chocolate and peanut butter.  And then you eat five more.  Some of us might do those things.
Girl Scouts…
Deep Fried Girl Scout Cookies Coming to State Fair of Texas
I know summer hasn't started yet, but I'm already thinking Fall!  We'll be getting our fill of carnival rides, shows and food!  One of the best parts of a fair is the food - corn dogs, cotton candy, funnel cakes, caramel apples, turkey legs and everything fried!  The St…
Save Your Money! Girl Scout Cookie Sales a Month Away
It's the time of the year that a most of us look forward to every year -- Girl Scout cookie sales! East Texas girls will soon be selling your favorites outside grocery stores, at the end of driveways, door to door and even at your office!
There's a new cool way to track down those litt…
City Tries To Ban Sale of Girl Scouts Cookies From Front Lawn
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Instead of canvassing the neighborhood, Abigail and Caitlin Mills of Hazelwood, MO, have for the last six years conducted their annual sale of Girl…
Girl Scouts Cut Costs by Axing a Few Cookies
Snack fans united in shock and disbelief on Tuesday after The Wall Street Journal reported that the Girl Scouts would be discontinuing a few varieties of their popular cookies. The economy hasn't been kind to the cookie business over the past couple of years, organization reps explained to…
Girl Scout Drama Has Happy Ending
It's an annual rite of passage for Girl Scouts across the country, but on Sunday night, it went terribly wrong at a shopping center in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.

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