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Gaga Arrived By Zip Line [VIDEO]
Lady Gaga kicked off the Good Morning America Concert Series Friday morning by arriving on stage via a zip line! Some die hard Little Monsters had lined up 2 days in hopes of getting the best view. She arrived to the stage to perform Bad Romance by a zip line that had her flying over the crowd.
Lady Gaga To Kick Off GMA Concert Series
Monday, May 23rd Lady Gaga will be releasing her long awaited album Born This Way and later that week she will be kicking off Good Morning America's Summer Concert Series.  Gaga will be taking over New York's Central Park on Friday, May 27th.
Britney Spears Performs on ‘Good Morning America’ [VIDEO]
Britney Spears' much-anticipated 'Good Morning America' concert aired today, and according to PopCrush's review, it was a bit of a mixed bag.
At one point, Spears, who taped the concert on Sunday from the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco, CA, managed to forget the cho…
New Show Brings Flying House in ‘UP’ To Life [VIDEO]
On the upcoming National Geographic Channel show "How Hard Can It Be," which will premier this fall, a bunch of crazy dreamers recreate the scene in the animated Disney movie "Up" in which helium-filled party balloons lift a house high in the air.
The folks at &…
Lady Gaga On GMA
Lady Gaga was on ABC's Good Morning America yesterday morning sporting subcutaneous forehead horns, a huge hat and a flesh-colored, plastic-looking dress that kind of looked like a big condom -- and apparently, that was the point.  Turns out Gaga was there to promote her new shade of MAC Viva Glam l…