Devastating Deer Disease is Changing the Way Texans Hunt
A disease that impacts deer causes them to have major neurological problems, and it can rip through a herd pretty quickly.

Wildlife managers in Texas are doing their best to prevent the spread, and that means hunters have to adjust their routines and obey some new rules to help out.
Sandy Hook Survivors Record Song for Charity [VIDEO]
While the tragedy of Sandy Hook elementary shook the nation to its core, there is no way to imagine what the students who survived are feeling. It's hard to find words to describe what they are going through. Instead of finding words to help, they used music. You're going to want to have a…
Ammunition Lead Ban — Should the EPA Do It? [POLL]
In June of this year, environmentalists approached Federal courts demanding the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency overstep its authority and regulate lead ammunition. Certain environmental groups wanted the EPA to ban lead ammunition under the Toxic Substance Control Act.