Powerball Fever Hits East Texas
If you made any stops at various East Texas lottery outlets on Wednesday, you were likely greeted with an invitation to include a Powerball ticket in your purchase.
Win Powerball Lottery Tickets From Mix 93-1
With $425 million staring you in the face it's tempting to go out and buy several Powerball Lottery tickets to see if you can win the big jackpot Wednesday night.  However, if you're like me, you'll probably hang on to that discretionary cash you have and use it on Christmas pres…
$500 Million Up For Grabs Tomorrow Night [VIDEO]
The Texas Lottery Mega Millions multi-state jackpot was at $476 million yesterday morning but now has grown to be $500 million!  A HALF A BILLION DOLLARS could be going into your bank account if you pick the right numbers for tomorrow nights lottery drawing!  But before you go picking the …