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‘Identity Thief’ Review
Funny is, of course, subjective. I find Woody Allen funny but there are plenty of people who find him about as amusing as being slowly asphyxiated in plastic bags from CVS. Still, I'll hazard to guess that there is no one who will find Melissa McCarthy obnoxiously singing along to Kelis' not-at-all-…
Jennifer Aniston Goes Brunette For Her New Movie
Jennifer Aniston has made a career out of playing good girls. Heck, she even played the title role in a movie called, you guessed it, "The Good Girl." So, it's no surprise that people have noticed Aniston's role in the upcoming flick, "Horrible Bosses" b…
New At The Movies
This weekend welcomes 3 new releases for you to catch at the movies!  Among them are:

The Lincoln Lawyer

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