Throwback Thursday: My First Job
First jobs are not always fun, but mine was. Growing up, my parents taught me that if I wanted something I had to earn it. At an early age, the common response to my, "I want..." was, "Get a job."
5 Careers That Are Quickly Dying Out
Getting a solid apprenticeship or a college education is almost always a good idea for anyone traveling down the career path. The problem arises when you have to decide between several different options. While anyone with a strong skill set (blue- or white-collar) should be fairly employable, it’s j…
The 9 to 5 Job Is A Thing Of The Past
Today's employees are being freed from a 9-to-5 job thanks to smartphones, mobile apps and the cloud. As a result of technology that's allowing employees to do many things outside the office, many bosses aren't looking at the time clock that closely any more.
Top 3 High Stress, Low Pay Jobs has a list of the top 5 low pay, high stress jobs. If you're like many American's in search of a job, you might want to avoid a job in any of these lines of work. High stress is one thing, but add low pay on top of that and you're asking for trouble.