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John Mayer Tells Ellen About Growing Up, Getting Botox
John Mayer can speak again! The talented guitarist, whose vocal problems forced him to cancel his spring tour and led him to record instrumental covers of Lana Del Rey songs, visited ‘Ellen’ today to chat about his new album ‘Born and Raised’ and his recen…
John Mayer Hits the Road in ‘Shadow Days’ Video
John Mayer seems to be putting his bad boy days behind him in his new ‘Shadow Days‘ video — way far behind him, in fact. The native East Coaster heads west on a solo trip where he seems to find himself, and relish in, getting back to basics.
Throat Problems Forces John Mayer To Cancel Tour
John Mayer was on the road to recovery from recent surgery on his vocal cords, he was looking forward to performing live again and touring to support his new album Born And Raised.  But that has all changed now and John explains what happened that forced him to cancel his upcoming tour.
6 Memorable Grammy Performances [VIDEO]
The Grammy Awards are no longer about seeing who wins in what category, but about the performances.  There has been some memorable Grammy performances over the last few years and some that have been just off the wall and leave you saying, "What was that?!" 

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