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John Mayer Is Still in Love With Katy Perry
John Mayer may have admitted to Ellen DeGeneres on her namesake show that his now-defunct relationship with Katy Perry was private as they entered and exited it, but some new details have come to light about why the pair split. While the relationship is dunzo, his feelings for her apparently are not…
John Mayer Is ‘Quite Happy’ With Katy Perry
When Katy Perry first hooked up with John Mayer, many thought it would be a quick fling after rebounding from her divorce from Russell Brand, but apparently it's more than that now. Not that long ago, Katy spoke out publicly for the first time referring to John Mayer as her boyfriend and now Jo…
Does Katy Perry Want to Have Kids With John Mayer?
Are Katy Perry and her beau John Mayer moving at a breakneck pace? Yeah, they are, if you believe the rumors that suggest Perry is looking to settling down and start hearing the pitter patter of little feet -- and that she has been bitten by the need to nest.

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