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The Tribute to Kidd Kraddick [VIDEO]
Last Thursday thousands of faithful Kidd Kraddick listeners descended upon AT&T Plaza at Victory Park at the American Airlines Center in Dallas to be a part of the 'Tribute to Kidd.' They were there to remember how Kraddick made them laugh, cry and inspire us all to do more.
Bruno Mars Remembers Kidd Kraddick – KKITM Best Of The Day
J-Si had the opportunity to sit down backstage and talk with Bruno Mars while in Dallas for his Moonshine Jungle Tour. Bruno Mars shares his feelings with J-Si about Kidd Kraddick's passing. Hear about the private moment Bruno shared with Kidd that he said made a big impact on his career!
Kellie Will Not Twerk – KKITM Best of the Day
Kellie Rasberry's celebrity man/boy crush is on Harry Styles of One Direction, who displayed his twerking skills Sunday night on the Teen Choice Awards Sunday night, and Big Al was tried his best to get Kellie to twerk like Harry, but she just didn't give in.
Kinsey Says No To Ryan Seacrest – KKITM Best of the Day
J-Si's wife Kinsey recently posted on her Facebook page a way in which she and J-Si get their son Cason to eat his vegetables. That post caught the attention of one of her friends in LA who is a producer of the Ryan Seacrest morning show. He wanted to get Ryan to talk to her on the air, but she…
Tribute To Kidd Kraddick Planned For Thursday
The staff of Kidd Kraddick in the Morning will be a part of a public event to celebrate the life of Kidd Kraddick. Kidd was laid to rest last week in a private ceremony and now comes word about a public memorial/tribute event next week.
KKTIM Cast Talks KKITM Without Kidd
Kellie, Al, J-Si & Jenna are charting new waters without their leader Kidd Kraddick for Kidd Kraddick in the Morning here on Mix 93-1. The Dallas TV media has been very supportive of the cast by allowing them to talk about the show during local news. These TV stations are very well aware of …

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