kidd kraddick

My Days As a Kidd Kraddick in the Morning Intern [AUDIO]
I was just as shocked as you Saturday when I began seeing the Tweets and Facebook posts about the death of Kidd Kraddick. To me, Kidd was more than a morning show host. He was a friend, teacher and mentor. He is going to be missed by so many people including myself.
Cell Phones In The Bedroom – KKITM Best of the Day
Kidd Kraddick ran across a study that revealed that 10% of people check their cell phones during fun times in the bedroom. So the question becomes do you or have you done it? Kellie also reveals something rather too personal when the subject comes up.
Kellie’s Armpit Thunder – KKITM Best of the Day
Kellie had a tough time with her dress this morning and said she couldn't make her outfit look good today. She tries everything she can to improve her wardrobe choice of the dress! While trying to figure out what angle she looks the best while on camera for Dish Nation, she shows off her sexy a…

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