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Kidd’s Kids Day 2017
Kidd's Kids Day is today! It's the one day set aside to raise money to send chronically and terminally ill children to Walt Disney World in November.
Tomorrow morning at 6a it begins!  Kidd's Kids Day 2011!  Please make a point (and you do every year!) of stopping by a Burger King in Tyler or a Whataburger in Longview tomorrow from 6a to 9a.  I wanted to share this with you as you plan your morning tomorrow.  Kidd's Kids are not all special needs…
East Texans Are Among Those Going On The Kidd’s Kids Trip
It's the opportunity of a lifetime for families right here in East Texas and many families are going to have a ton of memories that's going to live forever.  I have learned that 4 East Texas families are going to Walt Disney World in Florida as part of the annual Kidd's Kids trip.  Kidd Kraddick in …