Tyler Police Department Hosting Bike Rodeo
With the kids out of school for the summer, they'll be spending a lot of time out on the neighborhood streets riding their bikes. With more kids and bikes on the road this summer, we as drivers have to pay closer attention but bikers have to be aware of the rules of the road too and be safe as well.
Creative Snacks For Your Kids This Summer
Since it's summer and your kids are stuck at home, the only thing they have to eat is what is in the pantry. They're going to want to snack all day and want to be entertained, so why not make it fun? Here are a list of some creative snacks that can give you a little quality time with your …
Miley Cyrus + Liam Hemsworth Are Engaged [POLL]
After dating for three years, Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus are now engaged.  The engagement has been confirmed by the stars' reps exclusively through People magazine. Miley says, "I'm so happy to be engaged and look forward to a life of happiness with Liam."
Sheryl Crow Has Benign Brain Tumor
Already a breast cancer survivor, Sheryl Crow has revealed to the Las Vegas Review-Journal that she is dealing with another health problem, but not as serious.
"In November, I found out I have a brain tumor.  But it's benign, so I don't have to worry about it.  But it giv…
Timothy Poe On ‘America’s Got Talent’ [VIDEO]
It's one of my family's favorite shows, and for the past few summers we've gotten into watching and following along with America's Got Talent on NBC. The show is in the middle of the audition phase and there have been some great talent displayed and some very laughable auditions, too! Last night the…
Tyler Police Officer Competes in Iron Man Competition
The Iron Man race is a race that challenges even the fit of the fit. Tyler Police officer Lt. Rusty Jacks was up to an Iron Man challenge a couple of weeks ago and completed it. I tip my hat to him because the Iron Man competition includes swimming, biking and running!
Who Did You Vote For? [POLL]
Texans went to the polls in droves yesterday to vote for their favorite candidate to get the party nomination for the general elections in November or vote in a county commissioner or elect a new sheriff and more.  There were quite a few offices that went undecided because the candidates did not win…
Tyler Area Builders Annual Parade Of Homes Begins Saturday
If you are thinking about building your own home, or if you're wanting to do a little updating and remodeling where you live now, you can get inspiration and great ideas through the Tyler Area Builders Associations Annual Parade Of Homes tour.  The tour kicks off Saturday and runs through …

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