Honda Accord is the Most Stolen Vehicle
The Honda Accord seems to be one of the most common vehicles seen on the roads, not only across the US, but right here in East Texas. Driving on the Loop in Tyler we see tons of Accords, mixed in with several domestic pickup trucks and foreign and domestic SUVs. I'm rockin' a Chevy Traverse, packe…
New School Upgrades Unveiled in Palestine
Now that we've taken full advantage of the tax free shopping weekend and we're stocked up on clothes, notebooks, and pens, the attention turns to the actual start of school.
When students in Palestine had back to class, they'll be enjoying brand spanking new facilities that were three …
Are Tax Free Savings in East Texas Really Worth It? [POLL]
Today through Sunday, East Texans will be saving the tax on many tax exempt items as they do their back to school shopping.  The crowds at the mall and area shopping centers are very reminiscent of black Friday sales right after Thanksgiving.  Broadway in Tyler and McCann and the Loop in L…
How Often Do You Check Your Phone?
I read that 20 percent of us check our smart phones every ten minutes.
I hate to admit it, but I’m one of those helpless, pathetic addicts. I just can’t stand not knowing what might be going on inside that phone as it sits there on my desk. Has someone sent a text? What new emails have just landed? M…
East Texas Welcomes The Rain
Many parts of East Texas were woken up this morning to a round of strong thunderstorms that produced locally heavy rainfall and quite a bit of lightning and thunder.  That trend will hopefully continue through the weekend and bring cooler temperatures to East Texas too.
Texas 12-Year Old Banned From Playing Football
Six feet tall and 300 pounds sounds like a good size to play football. But apparently that’s too big at age 12, and in that case league rules say the boy will have to stay on the sidelines.
Fox Sports Southwest did a story that many media outlets are covering, on the 12-year old boy f…
Winning Powerball Ticket Sold In Michigan
For the second time in six months, the nationwide Powerball lottery reached a record jackpot.  Last nights jackpot was the fourth highest in the lottery's history at $337 million.  According to ABC News,  there was only one winning ticket sold.
Chefs to Cook Without Modern Conveniences [VIDEO]
There are cooking shows, there are competition cooking shows, there are networks devoted to cooking shows and now ABC is getting into the game with a new series that debuts tonight.  Time Machine Chefs will separate itself from other cooking shows by not giving the chefs the conveniences of mod…

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