Smith County to Elect a New Sheriff Today
Smith County residents are going to the polls today and will be deciding who will become their next sheriff. The sheriff's office is being vacated by Smith County Sheriff J.B. Smith, who has held that position for the past 35 years. The field of potential candidates was narrowed down to two after no…
Cash Mob To Hit Jake’s In Downtown Tyler Tuesday
What started out on the east coast has spread to Tyler and now Cash Mob organizers are getting ready to hit their second target in downtown Tyler Tuesday evening from 5p to 7p.  The Cash Mob will be targeting Jake's in downtown Tyler.
Summer Olympics = Rating Success [POLL]
The 2012 Summer Olympic Games opening ceremony was held this past Friday night in London and was seen by millions across the globe and was seen by some 40.7 million people here in the states on NBC which set a record for most viewers for an opening ceremony surpassing the previous record of 39.8 mil…
Bear Cubs Rescued By A Ladder [VIDEO]
While on vacation in Colorado last week, my wife's mission was to see and photograph a bear.  Her eyes were focused on the forest and open prairies for a black bear or brown bear.  We were lucky and caught a glimpse of a black bear while on a train ride through the mountains, but had …
The Coolest Food Trucks Ever
Food trucks have become somewhat of a food epidemic across the country. Large cities such as Los Angeles, New York, and Austin are home to some of the most famous food trucks, but may not necessarily be known for their food. Some are known for just being freaking awesome.
Pillows And Vacation [POLL]
While on vacation last week, I realized and noticed that a lot of people take their pillows with them on vacation.  I noticed this after checking into the hotel the first night we were traveling.  I saw one lady with her family that took in three pillows and at least one long body pillow t…

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