Longview Man Dies After Bar Fight
A night out turned ugly last week, and those involved are still on the loose.
Police say the Longview bar fight started inside and spilled outside into the parking lot at Lodge Sports Bar and Grill on McCann Street in Longview early Friday, and that's where one man was beaten unconscious.
5 Words East Texans Can’t Say Correctly [AUDIO]
I want to start this post off with this little disclaimer: I am not making fun or mocking anyone and I definitely do not want to hurt anyone's feelings with the topic of this post!  There were several of us at dinner the other night and the conversation, as with any dinner was varied, but …
Explicit Rap by 6-Year-Old Deemed Abuse [VIDEO]
Usually, when you see a video of a little kid rapping on the internet it's cute and fun and something you want to share with your kids. Recently, a video out of Florida went viral but for the opposite reason. Reader warning - the video is explicit and may disturb you.
Should We Bring a Wife-Carrying Championship to Tyler?
These athletes are serious! Check out the video for the recent wife-carrying contest, won for the 4th time by a couple from Finland.
It got me thinking, what if we organized a similar event in Tyler? Husbands, are you strong enough to pile your wives on your shoulders and carry her over hurdles and…

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