2012 Summer Olympics — What’s Your Favorite Event? [SURVEY]
The Olympic Torch has been making its way through the English countryside for weeks now and is set to arrive in London on Friday, July 27 to kick off the 2012 Summer Olympics.  The race for the gold will be an exciting one this year for many athletes from around the world.  The games will conclude w…
Charm Night Out Tonight In Longview
It's a great excuse for you ladies to get out of the house and leave the family behind for a few hours and just hang out with your friends and do what ladies do best, shop!  Tonight is Charm Night Out at the Maude Cobb Activity Center in Longview.
Extreme Heat Expected For East Coast, Not East Texas [VIDEO]
East Texas had it's fare share of extreme heat last year and it seems the heat wave and extreme temps have moved up north along the East Coast.  I just happened to catch the forecast for this week for Richmond, VA and what we felt last year is nothing to what they're expecting today a…
Kourtney Kardashian Welcomes Second Child
As the latest episode of 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians' was airing last night on E!, the Kardashian clan weren't gathered around oogling at the latest episode like the rest of America was. The family was oogling at the latest edition to their family, a beautiful baby girl.
Who Has The Best Tacos In Tyler? [POLL]
Within the last few months Tyler has seen a couple of new taco shops open up around town.  These new restaurants are in addition to the many taquerias that have been here for a long time.  The new players to the taco game in Tyler are Rusty Taco and Fuzzy's Taco Shop.  I'd l…
Texas Governor Rick Perry Rejects Obamacare
Gov. Rick Perry, in a letter to U.S. Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, today confirmed that Texas has no intention of implementing a state insurance exchange or expanding Medicaid as part of Obamacare.
How to Catch the Office Food Thief [VIDEO]
It's happened to us all at work at some point or another, that lunch you brought in and placed in the office refrigerator somehow disappears by the time you go to enjoy it.  That's happened to me quite a few times here at the radio station but hasn't happened in a couple of years though thankfully. …
SUV Goes Airborne On Buckled Highway [VIDEO]
East Texas received its fair share of extreme heat last year and we're still feeling it now, but other parts of the country are feeling the extreme heat this 4th of July very much like we did.  Temperatures are around the century mark in Wisconsin and all that heat is taking a toll on their roads an…
Santa Claus is Coming to Tyler!
With sweltering temperatures and humidity baking East Texas, Christmas is pretty far from our minds, but it's actually making an appearance six months early in Tyler!
Meet Brad Pitt’s Brother, Doug [VIDEO]
Without a doubt, Brad Pitt is one of biggest stars there is in Hollywood, so what's it like being a brother to him and living in his shadow.  Well, pretty normal if you believe this hilarious ad from Virgin Mobile in Australia!

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