LMFAO Set a Billboard Record
It’s hard to imagine Top 40 radio without the ubiquity of LMFAO‘s dance anthems — in part because they’ve been on the charts pretty much since their inception. As a result, the Day-Glo duo are on their way to making Billboard history.
Toddler Knows He’s Sexy in LMFAO Cover
Ever see something simultaneously ever-so-slightly disturbing and yet overwhelmingly, incredibly adorable? If not, meet Marek, a viral three-year-old with a lot of self-confidence — and a deep appreciation for LMFAO.
LMFAO Pre-Show Rituals [AUDIO][VIDEO]
Just about every band has a ritual they go through before taking the stage and putting on the best show of their lives and LMFAO are no different.  Find out what their show ritual is after the jump.
LMFAO Mash Up Video With North Korean Army [VIDEO]
I will start off by saying this isn't politically correct but interesting though.  Billboard.com has named LMFAO's "Party Rock Anthem" as the song of the summer and it's got a new video featuring Kim Jong-il's Korean Army.  The video features the army marching to the beat of the song along…