Brothers Blow-Up House After Winning Lottery
Everyone who plays the lottery has their own fantasy of what they'd do first if they won.
Two brothers from Wichita, Kan. celebrated their big lottery win by buying meth and weed, which resulted in them accidentally blowing-up their house and getting arrested...
The Powerball Lottery Didn’t Pay Off For Me
Yesterday afternoon I wrote an open letter to you announcing that I would be resigning my position as the mid-day host and Brand Manager of Mix 93-1. That letter generated many phone calls, text messages, Facebook messages and stirred things up for a while here at the radio station.
Lucky Larry to Resign from Mix 93-1
Dear Mix 93-1 listener:
When I woke up this morning I didn't know that I would be writing you a letter like this, but as a listener of Mix 93-1 I wanted you to be the first to hear it and hear it from me and not through the rumor mill. I will be resigning as the Brand Manager and Mid-day ho…
Win Powerball Lottery Tickets From Mix 93-1
With $425 million staring you in the face it's tempting to go out and buy several Powerball Lottery tickets to see if you can win the big jackpot Wednesday night.  However, if you're like me, you'll probably hang on to that discretionary cash you have and use it on Christmas pres…

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