Madonna Cancels Australia Tour Plans
Madonna hasn’t toured Australia for 20 years, last visiting in 1993 on her Girlie Show tour. Her return was long overdue and she had planned to hit the country on next year’s leg of the MDNA tour. However, she canceled the dates. What a bummer for fans of Madge who ar…
Madonna Sued Over ‘Vogue’ Sample
Madonna is being sued, you guys! The Material Girl is embroiled in some legal drama over her song ‘Vogue,’ which came out like, when dinosaurs were roaming the Earth. We’re no lawyers (in our heads we’re totally Elle Woods though), but hasn&Close…
Kylie Minogue Weighs In on Lady Gaga + Madonna Rivalry
It’s a battle of the blondes!
Kylie Minogue reigns supreme at the top of the pop music food chain in Europe, namely in England. Since she knows a thing or two or 10 about pop divadom, she was put on the spot by host Andy Cohen for the ‘Plead the Fifth’ interview …
Katy Perry Wants to Emulate Madonna’s Career
Madonna knows how to sustain a career for decades, and that’s something Katy Perry seeks to do. In a new interview, the bubblegum (and peppermint, cupcake, popcorn and whatever else she can put on her boobs) princess revealed she wants to take after the Queen of Pop.

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