New Movies: ‘Pain & Gain,’ ‘The Big Wedding’
This week, we've got two new flicks that could hardly be more different in style, subject matter or personnel. The first is a Michael Bay-directed action thriller starring The Rock, the second a family comedy about a middle-aged divorced couple starring Diane Keaton. Take your pick!
Weekend Box Office Report: ’42’ is Number One
Well, it looks like we have an answer to the question of whether or not audiences are interested in a historical, racially charged baseball movie. Brian Helgeland's '42' opened at the top of the box office this weekend, instantly breaking the record for biggest opening for a baseball …
New Movies Releases – May 2013
The month of May 2013 kicks off the summer blockbuster season for movies, and there are lots of reasons to get your butt to the ice cold multiplexes, which always crank the AC to Arctic levels in the warm months. Take in a shoot 'em up, a big budget actioner or a comic book flick.

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