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Nicki Minaj Fires Glam Team + Wants To Be Taken Seriously
Known for her usually extreme and over-the-top outfits and multi-colored hair, rapper Nicki Minaj is on a new mission to be taken seriously in the rap game. According to reports, the American Idol judge has fired her entire glam team -- to get the ball of her new image rolling.
Nicki Minaj Doesn’t Care About Grammy Snub
Nicki Minaj was all over the charts in 2012, but when the Grammy Awards are handed out on Feb. 10, her name won't be called, because she didn't receive a single nomination -- and as she told USA Today during a recent interview, that's just fine with her.
Nicki Minaj Storms Off ‘American Idol’ Set [Video]
The rumors of friction on the set of 'American Idol' were definitely true, as we saw last night. Nicki Minaj stormed off the set during the Charlotte auditions when the other three judges disregard her helpful advice for an auditioning contestant. Check out the video to see what set her of…
Nicki Minaj Talks Boyfriend Rumors on ‘Ellen’
Leave it to Ellen DeGeneres to point out that rap queen Nicki Minaj has been wearing what looks like a wedding ring in photos. Ellen went for it, grilling the 'American Idol' judge about who she smooched on New Year's Eve. The only thing we know is that it wasn't Harry Styles, since he was kissing T…
Nicki Minaj Loses Her Wig Stylist
As famous for her insane style and rainbow weaves as she is for her hooks and rhymes, Nicki Minaj is turning over a new wig -- er, leaf. The 'Freedom' MC has kicked her wig stylist to the curb, which may be why she's been sporting sleeker, more subdued styles as of late.

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