East Texas Animal Shelter in Dire Need of Adopters
The Longview Animal Shelter is at capacity, if not over, and that means the animals could use our help. Do you have room in your home?
I've got two miniature schnauzers now, and at one point we had four of them. The more the merrier!
Operation Save the Animals is a task force in Longview that has been…
The Many Faces of My Corgi — In Memes
My only child at this point in my life is a 4-year-old Pembroke Welsh Corgi named Monster. He's a beautiful dog, as you can see. He knows it, too. Most of the time, he avoids the camera like it's an STD. But we had a rare moment this weekend when he offered several faces that turned out to be pure g…
Man Divorces Woman Over Her 550 Cats
Our pets are important to us, and a lot of times, we’ll consider whether a potential mate is a cat or dog person before we take the relationship to the next level. And, for almost everyone, whether or not your significant other gets along with your pets can be a deal breaker. But wou…

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