Dating Dos and Don’ts [VIDEOS]
I don't know what happens during the Holidays, but it seems that relationships end and begin during this time. I have group of close friends that are experiencing this process at the moment, so a couple of articles caught my eye. One on the art of being a gentleman and the other detailing old f…
What Is Considered Cheating To You? [POLL]
There was a lot of traffic through the studio this afternoon, while playing Hyper Hi-Lo today and one of the conversations that was brought into the studio for discussion by a few staffers was the subject of cheating.
How Do Americans Feel About Interracial Marriage?
Just 45 years ago, interracial marriage was banned in many US states. But after the Supreme Court’s landmark ruling in Loving v. Virginia declared such bans unconstitutional in 1967, those couples were free to marry — and a new study finds they’re doing so at an…

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