‘Glee’ Hopes to Recruit Pitbull as Santana’s Brother
The ‘Glee‘ casting rumor mill continues to spin, with the latest report indicating that producers are attempting to woo of-the-moment rapper Pitbull to play Santana’s brother. Even though creator Ryan Murphy was adamant that he would avoid the A-list guest stars in the t…
Santana Feat. Rob Thomas – ‘Smooth’ – Retro Video [VIDEO]
"Smooth" was featured on Santana's album Supernatural back in 1999 and seemed to revive Santana's career.  The collaboration features Santana on guitar and Rob Thomas on vocals.  Rob Thomas wrote the song and had George Michael in mind to sing it!  The song ended up winning 3 Grammy Awards…
Carlos Santana To Tour With George Lopez
Santana has recorded some great music and worked with a ton of talented people throughout his career and from time to time they join him on stage while on tour.  What's about to happen this summer on Santana's tour is a bit out of the ordinary, but a great pairing in my opinion.