East Texas School Delays + Closings For Wednesday, February 12th
It appears as if East Texas isn't getting spared when it comes to the wintry mix. Rain, freezing rain, sleet and snow are expected this afternoon through this evening and will most definitely be causing problems tomorrow morning. Some school districts are making decisions now to either delay the sta…
East Texas School Delays + Closings
It appears as if Punxsutawney Phil's prediction is coming true from Groundhog Day, East Texas is once again experiencing cold weather and with that winter precipitation too and threatening to delay or cancel classes on Tuesday.
What Was Your Favorite Club in School? [POLL]
Everyone wants to belong to something and when you are in junior high and high school, you really want to belong to something, that's why there are clubs for kids to join. For me, junior high and high school were both a long time ago, but they were some of my funnest times! Yes, you can have fu…
Looking Back at My Daughter’s First Day of School
With temperatures hovering around 100 degrees you know we're in the middle of summer, but looking at the calendar, kids have just three weeks before their back in school. Now most parents will be excited that school will be beginning soon where as the kids are definitely not looking forward to …

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