Tips and Tricks for Black Friday Shopping
Thanksgiving is a time of fellowship with friends and family, and reminiscing about all the blessings you have. But the day after Thanksgiving has kind of become a holiday in itself. Black Friday has become a culture phenomenon and it's only getting bigger. Everyone is out shopping for the best deal…
Anyone Else Have Black Friday Anxiety?
This should be a verifiable disease; "Black Friday Anxiety." I'm pretty sure I have it. How about you?
Many of the Black Friday ads are out and shoppers are planning their attack. As we learned last week, Black Friday is now Black Thursday with several stores opening at 8 or 9pm on Thanksgi…
Holiday Market Starts Thursday in Tyler
Stats say that at this point in November, about half of us have already begun our holiday shopping. Somewhere in the house we have a box of gifts already stashed away, and many of us started picking up the gifts even before Halloween to stay ahead of the game. Call us crazy, but we consider oursel…
Walmart May Take Over Grocery Store Site
We may have another grocery shopping option soon in Tyler.
Right now the site of the old Albertsons store at Troup Highway and Loop 323 in East Tyler is still vacant.
But that may change soon. Who's moving in?
Holiday Shopping Season is Officially Here
I think I saw the first big, full-blown display of Christmas trees and snow globes and dancing elves in a store around September 15th. That's pure madness! But after I stopped fighting it in my head, I let my excited 4-year old drag me into that section of the store and we both picked up a snow…
Longtime Tyler Store is Closing
Joyner-Fry, originally on the downtown square in Tyler but now in the Bergfeld Center, has been in business for 75 years, it's the oldest family-owned business in the city. Now the store is down to the last few weeks of selling men's shirts and ties.
The men's clothing store got its start in the earl…
Shopping Season is Here
On a shopping trip this weekend I saw what may be the first one of the year. A Christmas tree! On September 15th.
At this particular store, the Christmas tree was fully decorated, and the snow globes, stockings, and Christmas cards were already for sale. Right there next to the Halloween decoratio…
Charm Night Out Tonight In Longview
It's a great excuse for you ladies to get out of the house and leave the family behind for a few hours and just hang out with your friends and do what ladies do best, shop!  Tonight is Charm Night Out at the Maude Cobb Activity Center in Longview.

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