Favorite Halloween Candy [POLL]
With Halloween almost upon us, it's always fun to start thinking about what kinds of delicious candy you will end up with this year. Chocolates, sweet-and-sours, toffees and more will find their way to you, but which is your favorite?
Candy Corn Tops List Of Most Popular Halloween Candy
Today, October 30th, is National Candy Corn Day and it just happens to top the list of the most popular candy for Halloween. This little brightly colored candy was created in the 1880's by the Wunderlee Candy Company and each piece is approximately three times larger than an actual kernel of corn. I…
Sneak Peek At The Super Bowl Commerials
Advertisers have paid $3 million or more to run a :30 ad during the Super Bowl on Sunday night.  Now most people watch the Super Bowl for the game to see if the Packers or Steelers will take home the Lombardi trophy, but there are a few that will dismiss the game totally and focus on the commer…