It’s Cold in East Texas, But Not This Cold [VIDEO]
Our Christmas became, almost in a matter of hours, a white Christmas. Out of no where we are dealing with low, low temperatures and snow sticking to the ground. For all of East Texas, this is quite a change from our 100 degree summers and mild winters. But, we have to keep in mind that we are not ne…
It Was A White Christmas in East Texas After All
The forecasters predicted it would snow on Christmas Day for parts of East Texas thanks to a passing low pressure system, however, I think it snowed farther south than they initially thought it would giving a lot of East Texans a white Christmas after all.  I have never experienced a white Chri…
Man Survives 61 Days in Snowed-In Car
The world is filled with terrible news, so it’s nice for us to find a story with a happy ending once in awhile.  Not that type of happy ending. Pervert. Here is an amazing story about a Swedish man who was stranded in a snow drift for 61 days.
Dreaming of a White Christmas? YouTube Lets It Snow!
If you haven’t been on YouTube recently, you may not have seen the site’s contribution to the holidays: snow!
Not only does the white stuff fall on search pages, but many videos have a little red snowflake on the right-hand side of the bottom bar.
Holiday In The Park – Tyler
Snow is in the forecast for this weekend for a portion of East Texas, it'll be localized to Bergfeld Park in Tyler.  So pull out your gloves and toboggan and get ready for Holiday In The Park!  It's the 6th year for Holiday in the Park and is presented by Tyler Parks and Recreati…
School Closings Or Delays
For Wednesday, February 9th:
ALBA-GOLDEN ISD - 11am dismiss
ALTO ISD - 11:30am dismiss
ARP ISD - 12noon dismiss
BIG SANDY ISD - 12noon dismiss
BROOKHILL SCHOOL - 12:30pm dismiss
ELKHART ISD - 1pm dismiss
GILMER ISD - 12noon dismiss
HARMONY ISD - 10:15…
Man Has Revenge on Snow Shovel Thief [VIDEO]
In snowy Chicago, David Wells had his snow shovel stolen from the front of his house. The thief was a woman who used the shovel to clear a space for her car, and then didn’t return it.
So, to get revenge, Wells used a gas-powered snow blower to bury the woman’s car in snow. Ultimately, it t…
Car Ends Up Parked Vertically [VIDEO]
The blizzard in New Hampshire has gotten so bad that at least one car actually skidded off the highway, ending up stuck vertically in the air.
Luckily nobody was injured when this sedan driving on 1-93 buried its nose in the snow and propelled its tail toward the sky. Keep reading to see video of thi…
Never To Old To Play In Snow
Today's snow brought out the need to find cold weather clothes like mittens, scarves and boots.
The winter wonderland supplied my kids with the opportunity to conjure up old memories of our life up in Canada and the extreme snowball wars they would have
Snow, Sleet & Cold Coming To East Texas
Sunday we have a cold weather front coming through East Texas.  This storm is going to bring a possibility of up to 5 inches in snow in some areas.  The worst of the storm is to be north and along I-20 Interstate.  Tyler area is not expected to get more than 1 -3 inches of snow in areas.  If you hav…

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