the wanted

The Wanted Suit Up for Fabulous Cover
Those handsome blokes in the Wanted suited up to cover this Sunday's (Nov. 4) issue of Fabulous, the mag that comes free inside The Sun. Be still our beating hearts. They are quite a good looking bunch of lads when dressed down in jeans and tees. But when they don dark suits like sharp-dressed …
The Wanted Get Caught With Their Pants Down
Want to see the Wanted drop trou? Show off their skivvies? Pose in their undies? Don't all scream at once, ladies. We know there are millions of you who would sever a limb in order to see Tom Parker, Max George and co. in their underwear. And now, you can.
The Wanted Reveal Their Man Crushes
Nothing is more exciting than when a guy is man enough to openly admit that he finds another dude attractive. When the guys from the Wanted spoke with the Philippines edition of Cosmopolitan magazine and made their man crushes public, we nearly spit out or coffee. Their choices are that good!
The Wanted Announce New Single Title
With ‘Glad You Came’ putting them firmly on the map and ‘Chasing the Sun’ further establishing them as one of the biggest bands of 2012, the Wanted are moving right along. The boy band has reportedly selected the next single, which is culled from their upc…
The Wanted Get Zapped During Electric Dog Collar Game

The Wanted are good sports during radio interviews. While chatting with ZMTV, the lads played the Electric Dog Collar Game. What’s that? Well, it’s when dog collars were placed around their necks during a New Zealand trivia game. If they bombed on a question, then they’d get a buzz from their, uh, n…
The Wanted Reveal What They Love Most About Britney Spears
Britney Spears once joked that her family is “country” when she was caught driving with one of her sons on her lap. She was commenting on being from the south and doing things a little differently. However, it’s the pop diva’s Southern charm and her big, ear-to-ear smile that impressed those British…

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