‘LOST’ Creator Hints the Show Could Return
It’s been a solid two years since ‘LOST‘ finally ended its historic run with the divisive, yet aptly-titled “The End,” but the rumor mill hasn’t stopped churning with ideas and possibilities for a way to continue the Island stories so richly chronicled on ABC.  After all, with many of ‘LOST’s myster…
‘Smash’ Pilot Available for Free On iTunes
Can’t get enough musical drama on your TV? Sure, we’re all stoked for the return of ‘Glee,‘ and ‘Idol‘ and ‘The Voice‘ will surely give us enough real life drama, but NBC’s ‘Smash‘ will give us something …
TV Ad Volumes Will Be Lower
One thing that really gets under my skin is when I'm watching TV and I have to constantly adjust the volume when the commercials come on.  They are WAY TOO LOUD!  (Hey, that's me yelling at you like the TV!)  Well that is about to change thanks to the FCC.

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