Rihanna Starts Twitter Feud With Fan
Rihanna seems to be taking a page out of duet-partner and possible paramour Chris Brown‘s book. The ‘Birthday Cake‘ singer started a Twitter war with a fan. Maybe they really are perfect for each other.
Nickelback Responds To Haters On Twitter
Nickelback are a very polarizing band; you either like them or hate them. Back in November, there was an online petition going around to keep the band from performing the halftime show at a Detroit Lions game, but the petition organizer was unsuccessful and the show went on. Haters have since have b…
Demi Lovato Breaks Up … With Twitter
Unbroken and outspoken, Demi Lovato has been a pretty prolific Twitter user since she signed up. In fact, it’s how not only her fans, but also the media follow the goings on in her life — especially her love life.
While Lovato’s never come out and admitted to dating Wilmer Valderrama, her micro-blogg…
7 Eerily Accurate Rob Lowe Tweets [IMAGES]
As you may have heard, Rob Lowe recently announced on Twitter that Indianapolis Colts quarterback Peyton Manning would be retiring. While Lowe is getting flack for claiming that his “people” told him that Manning would soon be hanging up his jersey, it turns out that the …

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