Woman’s Hair No Match for Car Stereo Speakers [VIDEO]
While a typical car stereo produces about 100 watts of sound this sound system can belt out up to 40,000.
As you can see from the video below, that type of wattage makes for a hair-raising experience when the bass gets heavy. Our sympathies to anyone who hitches a ride with a fellow who&CloseCurlyQuo…
How Does Music Touch Your Life — ‘Wait For You’ [VIDEO]
This week I found an email from a young man who plays tennis with my daughter -- in his email he asked Mix 93-1 to play a song for a girl. Apparently this young lady was on a vacation in Colorado and he is happy she is returning. Larid is one of those kids you are glad to know -- he is always poli…
Taylor Swift ‘Mean’ [VIDEO]
Taylor Swift's 'Mean' debuted late last Friday on CMT. I have been looking forward to this music video because the message is so important. With the abundance of bullying in our schools it is important to dig deeper beneath the surface find out what the root cause is. Swift's video shows a girl t…
New Beyonce Video ‘Move Your Body’ Gets Kids Moving [VIDEO]
Beyoncé is back with 'Move Your Body,' a new video that is getting kids up on their feet.
The video features the pop songstress surprising a school cafeteria with a 'Flash Workout.' Beyoncé wears neon green knee-high socks while she leads students in some riveting dance moves. She has the kids dance…
Not Everyone Loves “Friday”.
Media outlets are calling the viral video hit the "worst music video ever". Four weeks ago, no one had heard of 13 year old Rebecca Black. Now she is a web sensation.  You haven't seen or heard of the video "Friday"? Well, here it is.
Florence + The Machine
The first time I heard this song, I didn't like it but now it's grown on me.  Since I just played it I looked up  the video and thought it was kinda cool to share.
After watching the video and hearing the song log in and let me know what you think about it...

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